REBEKAH WAITES            





Est. 1973



Creating art that challenges societal conventions has always been a motivation behind my work. I feel a sense of responsibility as an artist to create art that challenges the viewer to step outside their comfort zone - sometimes literally. Most of my work attempts to understand what motivates, drives, and derails us. It confronts the soundness of our moral and ethical belief systems, and what pushes us to snap or be moved. Even though my two-dimensional work is small in comparison to my installations, the underlying themes of religion, mental health, and gender are woven throughout my entire body of work.

I use humor and irony much the same as I use paint, gel caps, rope, or fire as a medium. Found objects and unconventional allows for the story to have an impact when experienced from close up. My work intends to create intimate interactions with the viewer. Hidden details and messages can be found throughout my work. They are a celebration of how the world operates - beautiful yet complicated; horrifying, yet mind blowing  and magical at the sametime.