Rebekah Waites is a multi award winning artist whose work has been experienced by thousands at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada and beyond.


Her 2013, Burning Man Honorarium winning installation, Church Trap was featured in several major art publications including Taschen’s, “Art Of Burning Man" as well as numerous news articles, TV shows and documentary films. Church Trap was a favorite for many who experienced the exhibit in 2013 and has become an iconic piece. 


Her 3rd Honorarium winning installation Singularity was also a huge success  not only at Burning Man but also other festivals throughout California including the All Of Us Event in 2018 and Maker Faire Bay Area 2019.  Singularity was featured in numerous “Must See” news articles featuring the art at Burning Man in August of 2018. Currently Singularity has been enjoyed by thousands outside of Burning Man at numerous exhibits throughout California. Most recently it was selected for the 2nd Annual Pulse of LA 2019 exhibition sponsored by SCWCA and will be on exhibit July 2019. 


Rebekah’s work is not without controversy. Her imagination and execution of her craft is bold and captivating. Similar to her installation pieces, Rebekah’s two dimensional (2D) work is thoughtfully executed while maintaining her humorous perspective on the world.  Her current 2D theme is focused on past relationships and female gender roles in society.


When Rebekah is not creating interactive art for Burning Man, she can be found producing new pieces in her studio located in Downtown Los Angeles.  Besides producing her own work, Rebekah is also known as a mentor to other artists in the Burning Man community. She is currently assisting upcoming female artists with their Big Rad Shit dreams.  

Rebekah Waites