Singularity is a multiple award winning art installation by artist Rebekah Waites that made it's way to Burning Man in August, 2018. Singularity pulled spectators into a bizarre world that explored the concept of space and time. It’s asked, where did it all begin? When will it ever end?  Singularity was a piece that was about opening up conversations, reversing the patterns and coding that has caged us like a bird.

A massive birdcage that trapped numerous birdcages and houses inside, this piece used psychics to explore psychology. It was not only one of the largest pieces on the playa that year, but also one of the most loved. By Wednesday after the gates opened, the participants of Black Rock City had turned into a temple that was dedicated to the parents and loved ones who participants had lost. It was a moving piece for everyone involved. 

Singularity was made in part by in kind donations from the community as well as time donated by all of the crew and volunteers.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! 

Special Singularity Thanks To...

Barbara Waites, Michael Giuliano​, Kevin Lanke, Sarah Holden, Greg Mitchell, Holly Angel, Giuseppe Sircana, Gadget Abbott, Scarlet Abbott, Chris Paine, Wendy Tahara, Katie Cooper, Lauren Kilb,Luke Hulen, Joshua Winslow, Stacy McKenney Norr, Max Berger, Kelley Anderson, Sage Molotov, Courtney Silbiger, Colleen McLean, Lisa Gonzales, Stealth, Zack Knight, Janine Brown Carvajal, Debbie Waites, Rachel Willman, Rachel Gray, Jason Ray Jurica, Tom Rothrock, Monique Rothrock, Anton Rothrock, Nicole Renee, Ruda Vilela, Renata Mendes Rocha, Tyler Cushing, Stephanie Reese-Cushing, Aaron Grasso, Caitlin Benti, Anna Sanchez, Fyza Ahmad, Ron Vidal, Ross Asselstine, Claire Asselstine, Echo Nikole Fenner, Kim Brunner, Roberta Fisicaro, Angela Nostrand, Kevin Camino, Alma Banuelos, “The Exotics” (Joshua, Atif, Steven) , Glenn Searle, Drew Rivers, Armond Briones, Roel van de Straat, Jack Fritz, Debbie Anne, Rebecca Mitchell, Adam Belsky, Athena Demos, Cesar Alonso, Annie Underwood, Lucas Richard-Carvajal, Sandy Cohen, Clint Sawyer, Juzten Tyler, Mars Gana, Keary Gregg, Stuart Patrick Chapin, Oola Habib Rahall, Doug Stewart, Scott Kay, Dany Potter, Jenn Jordan, and many many more!

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