Ripple Effect 2022 is a large scale interactive sculpture of a water crown splash created by a giant stone being skipped across the surface of the playa. Ripple Effect is the first interactive art installation of the Ripple Effect Series that, once installed together, will spread across the playa and hopefully the planet.

Ripple Effect 2022 is a giant splash, exhibiting color, lighting, and sound-effects. 

It will be an interactive art installation in the shape of a water crown.


Ripple Effect 2022 will measure approximately 15’ high with a radius of interactive rings that will extend to about 30’ from the center of the piece.The scale and interactivity of Ripple Effect is not only playful and inviting, but it will be a place that will transport participants back to that last body of water they skipped a rock across and made a wish. 


Made from layers of translucent fiberglass skins, she will glow from within, revealing layers of geometric colors. Prompted to step inside Ripple, participants will experience the most interactivity when they take a splash. 


Once the series is complete, they will not only look awe-inspiring spread out over deep playa, but the pieces will communicate with one-another when more than one participant steps inside.